Brooklyn Stephen’s 2021 Story: My Life-Changing Transformation

I used to suffer from being overweight and lacking confidence, and now I don’t.  I would like to share how I am overcoming my struggles. I’m still a work in progress, but much better at it.

During my middle and junior high school years, I was targeted with teasing and being bullied about my weight and friends.  Unfortunately, after I began internalizing the bully’s negative comments, I started believing it and feeling bad about my weight. Every day I would wear black leggings with a big, baggy sweatshirt trying to cover up and hide my body because I had zero confidence. I was super shy, and would not talk to anyone unless I knew them well. 

My confidence level began to change after I was enrolled in HITT boxing classes at Be Chosen Academy fitness gym. More than just a gym, Be Chosen is an exciting, energetic, positive experience with support staff, coaches, and other gym members.  At first, I did not want to come at all but soon fell in love with the whole gym life experience after about three classes—boxing, full-body workouts, my growing confidence, competing in transformation challenges, working in a community of like-minded people. Because of my hard work, determination, and gym family support, I won the November Transformation challenge which was a win of not only weight but also mind, body, and spirit.

What would you guess happened before school began this year? Well let me tell you, I shopped for crop tops, tight-fitting clothes, a variety of colored leggings, and bought the formal dress of my dreams.  I was finally happy to wake up in the mornings and loved looking in the mirror.  On my first day back to school, I had a smile on my face and talked to new people with a new level of confidence. 

Now, the best part about my story is after years of struggling and multiple failed attempts to lose weight, I’M FEELING STRONG, CONFIDENT, AND LOVING THE SKIN I’M IN!

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