Jessica Fox

One year with Be Chosen Academy

50 pounds down
4 inches off bust
5 inches off waist
5 inches off hips
4 pant sizes down
2 shirt sizes down


I know everyone says it, but seriously, joining Be Chosen Academy was one of the best decisions I’ve made! A year ago I was bigger than I’ve ever been and unhealthy to say the

For months, I found myself going back and forth between wanting results and wanting to give up. My old habits were hard to break. Luckily, the Be Chosen staff and members were so motivating and always inspired me to not give up. This is what made it easier for me to keep showing up!

Throughout the year, what I realized is that I am going to struggle. I am going to mess up. I’m going to eat something I shouldn’t. I’m going to miss a workout (Kweku will text and ask where I am, lol). What I had to learn is to TRUST MYSELF AND BE PATIENT WITH MYSELF, TRUST THE PROCESS, AND BE PATIENT WITH THE PROCESS. Once I quit focusing on only wanting process and results, I started to notice I was getting stronger and my body was in fact changing. The PROGRESS comes when you trust yourself and have patience with yourself and the process.

To anyone out there trying to change their life, lose weight, get fit, be healthier, etc…my first advice is: 1)Be Chosen is the place to be. 2) Please have patience with YOURSELF and with the PROCESS. We focus too much on the process (especially us women). We want immediate results, and we lose motivation when it doesn’t happen.

This past year has been so hard, but with Be Chosen Academy, it has been so worth it! I want nothing but the best for everyone. I am here if anyone needs help or even in need of a partner through your journey.

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